Healthy Reading: Bentonite Clay. 30 Natural Recipes for Health and Beauty


Bentonite Clay: 30 Natural Recipes for Health and Beauty is a great little e-book containing 30 natural recipes utilizing bentonite clay for enhancing your health and beauty. The book is clearly written, and the recipes are easy to follow with simple ingredients that aren’t too difficult to find. Some of the ingredients include olive oil, apple cider vinegar, raw honey, chamomile, and aloe vera gel. Most of the ingredients can be found at a health food store, or can be ordered online.

Nightingale starts the book off by giving us the basics of bentonite clay. She includes the benefits of incorporating clay into your routine, how clay works, and why using bentonite clay, as an ingredient in homemade skin products, is better to use than products that may contain harsh ingredients. She shares some interesting information about how versatile clay can be while incorporating it into a beauty routine.

We are then introduced to 30 awesome bentonite clay recipes! Some of the recipes include an acne mask, face cleanser, skin calming mask, mascara, tattoo lightener, poultices for skin issues, toothpaste, and even products for baby. There is a chapter dedicated to how using clay can help when recovering from radiation, by pulling some of the residual toxins away from the body.

This book is short, and simple! If you are a do-it-yourself person who cares about the products you are using on your body, this is just the book for you. I found it easy to read, fun, and I’m excited to try out the recipes!


About the Author:
Kathryn is a functional nutritional therapist, author, editor, and mama of two boys. She enjoys spending her free time out in nature-hiking and fishing. You can find her at www.primalmusings.com and her book “Forties on Fire” can be found on Amazon.

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