Healthy Reading: The Bone Broth Miracle, by Ariane Resnick, CNC


The Bone Broth Miracle is a compelling book about the benefits of consuming bone broth, and it covers everything you need to know! As an avid bone broth consumer, I was already aware of many of the health benefits. However, I learned many new things about it. The author discusses the history of bone broth, the nutritional benefits of consuming it, and shares a bunch of great recipes. All of the information is provided in a very relatable manner.

The first part of the book gives an introduction to bone broth, and explains the history behind it. Resnick discusses where to source the bones from, and explains the difference between grass-fed, free-range, pasture-raised, wild-caught and organic. She then discusses collagen and gelatin;

Collagen is the protein that holds our frames together. With a strong triple-helix molecular structure, collagen is found in fibrous tissues like skin, tendons, joints, and even blood vessels and corneas. Collagen makes up nearly 25-35% of the body’s protein and is imperative for healthy bones, muscles, and skin.

Resnick goes on to discuss all the different nutrients found in bone broth, such as amino-acids, vitamins, and minerals. She even gives us a breakdown on quantities of various nutrients, and how much of them we should get in our diet. She then discusses many of the health benefits from consuming bone broth, such as decreased inflammation, leaky gut, bacterial overgrowth, and irritable bowel syndrome. The health benefits to drinking bone broth daily really are incredible!

Not to mention the beauty boosting benefits to consuming bone broth, as well as all the other health benefits. People spend thousands on wrinkle creams and treatments to help fight aging. Bone broth is an inexpensive home remedy that can ward off wrinkles and help with hair, skin, and nails! It can help with fitness recovery, immune health, and even weight loss.

Finally, Resnick shares many ways to add bone broth into your daily routine, and shares many great recipes that include bone broth. She includes recipes for allergies, inflammation, and weight loss. The recipes are not only for broths, but also actual meals and side dishes that use bone broth as an ingredient. She even shares some bone broth cocktails aka “brocktails.”

We often read about all these supposed “super foods” that are overhyped without any real benefits. Bone broth on the other hand, is a real nutrient-dense superfood that lives up to the claims, and we should all include it in our diet. I highly recommend this book if you want to learn about a true superfood!

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About the Author:
Kathryn is a functional nutritional therapist, author, editor, and mama of two boys. She enjoys spending her free time out in nature-hiking and fishing. You can find her at www.primalmusings.com and her book “Forties on Fire” can be found on Amazon.

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