Healthy Reading: The Honey Cure, by Aubrey Azzaro


Book Review of The Honey Cure, by Kathryn Kos

Honey is a pretty amazing real food! In this book “The Honey Cure”, Aubrey Azzaro discusses some of the many health and personal benefits to consuming raw honey. Aubrey describes in detail, 28 beneficial uses for honey. This book is simple, easy to read, and informative. It is great for people who are seeking alternative ways to increase their health, rather than relying on western medical interventions. She also reveals some fun uses for honey, such as a hair-moisturizing mask.

This book first describes some of the basic components of honey, such as: amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Raw honey also contains a small amount of probiotics, or beneficial gut bacteria. The author discusses that there are over 300 types of honey, depending on the pollen collected from the bees and the region the bees come from. Therefore, the components of the honey vary based upon the region. The darker the honey, the more nutrients are in it.

Each section of the book focuses on  a different therapeutic use for honey. The section begins by describing how honey is helpful for that particular condition, why it is helpful, and how to use it for the best benefit. Honey can help with things like eczema, seasonal allergies, acne, scarring, and dandruff. It also acts as a natural energy booster, and can be used for more simple things like moisturizing the hair.

This book is short, straight to the point, and provides in-depth and concentrated information about the benefits of honey and applies them to a wide variety of conditions. If you are looking for some easy information to get started with honey, this book is a great start for you. It flows nicely, and has some very valuable information.

Author: Kathryn Kos

Kathryn is a functional nutritional therapist, author, editor, and mama of two boys. She enjoys spending her free time out in nature-hiking and fishing. You can find her at www.primalmusings.com and her book “Forties on Fire” can be found on Amazon

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