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Magnetic Clay™ Bath

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Experience the detoxifying power of immersing your body in mineral-rich clay. Magnetic Clay™ Bath combines the highest quality desert-sourced healing clays with ancient sea salt to help draw toxins and impurities while you relax and restore.

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Gently draws out toxins & impurities

Humans have used healing and cleansing clays for millennia. Today, as pollutants become more prevalent in our environment, clay offers a simple yet effective means of removing accumulated toxins..

Bentonite clay is strongly adsorptive, which means it has the capacity to attract, hold and help eliminate toxins. It has a strong negative electromagnetic charge, and when activated by water, it acts like a magnet, drawing toxins to it, which then adhere to the surface of the clay.

Supports healthy skin function

The skin is your body’s largest organ and clay supports its natural function as a detoxification pathway. While submerged in a tub of warm water mixed with Magnetic Clay™ Bath, the highly adsorbent clay binds to toxins while the ancient sea salt enhances the efficacy of the clay.

Promotes relaxation

Magnetic Clay™ Bath offers a convenient, relaxing way to enjoy at-home pelotherapy, the therapeutic use of mud or clay applied to the body.

Ingredient highlights

Desert-Sourced Montmorillonite Clay

Sourced from ancient hydrothermal and volcanic basins, sodium bentonite clay is known for its adsorptive qualities and has been used for centuries as a traditional method for detoxification.

Mohave Desert-Sourced Bentonite Clay

Also known as montmorillonite clay, this Mohave desert-sourced bentonite clay is known for being effective at helping to remove toxins and impurities via the skin.

Himalayan Pink Salt

A mineral-rich salt derived from ancient sea beds, Himalayan pink salt enhances the adsorptive qualities of bentonite clay by increasing cellular osmotic pressure.

How To Use

Magnetic Clay™ Bath is formulated with premium clays, free of emulsifiers, and will clump if improperly mixed. To reach full therapeutic potential, clay powder should be completely hydrated and free of clumps.

1. Preparing a Bath: Slowly sprinkle measured clay powder into stream of warm, running bath water. Add more hot or cool water as necessary to achieve desired temp.

2. Bathing & Clean Up: Enter the bath and hand stir the water to circulate clay while bathing. After allotted time, allow tub to drain and continue to run warm water for 30-60 seconds to ensure clean drainage. Take a tepid shower and rinse skin to remove clay residue. Carefully exit the bath, clay can be slippery.

3. Post-Bath Care: Moisturize skin with a chemical-free moisturizer to relieve any dryness. Some minerals and electrolytes may be depleted during your bath session and should be replenished as soon as possible. Drink plenty of mineral rich spring water, herbal tea, and rest.

Adsorption & Pelotherapy

The first oceans on Earth were formed billions of years ago, and where there are oceans, there will be clay. The intimate association of clay and salt water is brought together in Magnetic Clay™ Bath, to heal our bodies like it does the Earth.

Pelotherapy involves soaking for a period of time in mineral and clay-rich waters. The strongly adsorptive clay will attract, hold, and eliminate toxins while ions from the salt minerals communicates with the skin, opening it for exchange with its environment.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Sharon K.

Magnetic Clay™ Bath

Becca B.

Use for detox bath. Amazing quality having found anything that comes close!

Incredibly effective in a hot bath

Awesome incredible effective


Is the clay safe for my bathtub?

Magnetic Clay™ Bath is safe for drains and septic tanks, provided the clay is properly hydrated. Take care to thoroughly rinse clay residue off any mixing utensils immediately after use.

Is the clay bath good for everyone?

It is recommended that anyone with a heart condition, high blood pressure, pregnant/breastfeeding women, and anyone taking prescription medications or any medical situation, should postpone the bath and check with your doctor or certified therapist. It may be acceptable to take a clay ‘pack’ instead of the bath or a clay ‘foot bath’, they work more slowly and gently. Visit for more information on use with children.

Can the clay be taken internally?

Magnetic Clay Bath is formulated for external use only.

Does your clay contain aluminum?

The aluminum in the clay is a completely inert aluminosilicate, and cannot be broken down by the body; it's what forms the intricate crystal structure of the clay particles.

Can I use the clay with other detox protocols?

It is not recommended to use multiple detoxification protocols concurrently to prevent over-taxing the body.

How much Magnetic Clay should I use for my first bath?

We recommend starting with 1 cup for your first bath and gradually increasing over time up to 3 cups or your desired amount

Can children use Magnetic Clay Bath?

While there has been great success in administering clay baths to children, it is important to start slowly, especially with those who have chronic or compromised health conditions.

Children 10-50lb ………. 1/3 cup for 10 to 20 minutes
Children 50-75lb ………. 1/2 cup for 10 to 20 minutes
Children 75-100lb …….. 3/4 cup for 10 t0 20 minutes
We advise starting with the least amount as recommended above. You can gradually increase the amount of formula/time in the tub as the therapy continues, so long as there are not symptoms of detox.

Can I use Magnetic Clay to make a mask/pack/wrap?

For masks: ⁠Mix 4tsp of Magnetic Clay with 1/4 cup hot water, allow the clay to absorb the water, until the texture is creamy but firm. ⁠

For clay slurries, packs, or wraps: Mix clay with warm water in a ratio that produces a mixture that is easily spreadable on the body (thick enough that it sticks). Use a non-metallic bowl and utensil when mixing. Apply 1/8″ to 1/4″ thick layer of clay over your body (arms, legs, torso). Then enter a warm bath.

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