Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory

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Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory

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    Want to know the truth about fighting colds? Many people think the correct way to strengthen your immune system is to “kill off the germs.” A bit of medical history reveals a different story.

    Germ Theory

    A French biologist named Antoine Bechamp was a prominent teacher in the 1800’s who studied and taught cell biology. He would be much more prominent of a figure today, if it wasn’t for Louis Pasteur and his germ theories. 

    Pasteur researched information on the germ theory of disease and did everything in his power to get his name on it, going so far as to claim he actually “discovered” germs. This set the stage for pasteurization and modern pharmaceutical interventions for fighting off illness.

    Terrain Theory

    Bechamp, on the other hand, believed that the nature of germs is ever changing, depending upon the environment. This is important information, as many germs are healthy, but can actually morph into viruses, bacterial infections, and even cancers. We now know that the body is host to over 100 trillion microorganisms, more than 10 times the number of human cells in our bodies, and these organisms play a host of vital functions, from triggering our immune system to providing vital nutrients. As history would have it, mainstream medicine ultimately chose Pasteur’s flawed theories, and from these sprang many western medical interventions.

    So how do you fight an illness? Boost your immune system by eating nutrient dense, organic foods, as well as raw fermented foods, and avoid using toxic products. Illnesses spring from nutritional deficiencies, toxins, and stress, not from lack of pharmaceutical interventions.

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