USMAP Policy



The Enviromedica Unilaterally Suggested Minimum Advertising and Pricing Policy (USMAP) governs the internet resale of Enviromedica product lines.

Enviromedica is committed to providing only the purest, most innovative, and professional grade natural health & wellness products to our customers. From our inception we have understood that our success hinges upon us delivering top-tier products and customer service within our market space. We greatly value the time and resources many of you invest to create an excellent customer experience, and do our utmost to support that through consumer education, brand advertising, and promotions.

It is our goal to protect these values, and discourage price-based advertising that can become detrimental to service and support efforts, as well as Enviromedica’s competitive position. As a condition of being an Internet Reseller of Enviromedica products, it is essential that you adhere to the following terms and conditions. This policy is provded to all new and existing accounts as a benefit of being a valued customer of Enviromedica.

Terms & Conditions

Minimum Advertised Price: MAP for Enviromedica Products shall not be lower than the Suggested Retail Price (“SRP”) for each respective product as provided in the Reseller Price List (“Price List”) in effect at that time.

Actual Resale Price: This MAP Policy applies only to advertised prices and does not establish actual resale price. Resellers alone retain the exclusive right to independently determine the price at which they resell Enviromedica products.

Access to a resale price that is lower than SRP via the internet may only be granted through restricted web pages protected by a unique code or password (e.g. patient portal). Opted-in clients who have access to private consultation services may be provided access to this unique code in a private setting only. This code may not be published anywhere on the internet or be made known to anyone but the Resellers’ private customers.

Maximum Advertised Price: The MAP Policy does not establish maximum advertised prices. All Resellers may offer Enviromedica products at any price in excess of the MAP established for such products.

Bundling: Bundling or including a discounted product (whether made by Enviromedica or another manufacturer) with an Enviromedica product covered by this MAP Policy will violate this policy when:

The effective or stated price of the bundle represents a discount of greater than 15% of MAP; or

The product(s) bundled with MAP Products violate Enviromedica’s Intellectual Property rights; or

The product(s) bundled with MAP Products include words, packaging, graphics, or other indicia which may create customer confusion as to the source of the product(s).

Advertising: The MAP policy applies to all electronic advertisements of Enviromedica Products including but not limited to catalogs, brochures, RSS (Rich Site Summary) feeds, texts, blogs, banners, websites, newsletters, email solicitations, discounts, sales, promotions, special offers, rewards programs, coupons, and electronic coupons or coupon codes.

Website features such as “click for price”, automated “bounce-back” pricing e-mails, pre-formatted e-mail responses, forms, and automatic price display for any items prior to being placed in a customer’s shopping cart, and other similar features are considered to be communications initiated by the Reseller (rather than by the customer) and thereby constitute “advertising” under this MAP Policy.

From time to time, Enviromedica may choose to offer special promotions on certain Enviromedica Products. In such an event, Enviromedica reserves the right to modify or suspend this MAP Policy in whole or in part by notifying Resellers of the duration and nature of the modification or suspension.

Full disclosure: Internet Reseller acknowledges full disclosure of all of its corporate names and business names under its control (DBAs – Doing Business As) to EM and has disclosed a list of any and all such business names, URLs, storefronts, and marketplaces to EM. Failure to fully disclose any information, or provide updates in writing to Enviromedica with any changes or additions, may result in account suspension or termination.

Authorization: Internet Resellers are only authorized to sell to consumers via an Enviromedica approved site. Sales to third party resellers and distributors are strictly prohibited.

Violations: Enviromedica reserves the right to cancel any pending orders, restrict future orders, or terminate Reseller’s account if Enviromedica reasonably believes:

Reseller has violated the provisions of this policy; or
Reseller intends to violate this policy.
Monitoring: Enviromedica may engage in monitoring of advertised price of Enviromedica Products, either directly or via the use of third parties
Direct or indirect attempts to circumvent this Policy also violate this Policy. Enviromedica neither solicits nor will we accept any assurance of compliance with this MAP policy.