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Great product & customer service


I really love this lotion. I use it nightly on the backs of my legs and my feet, and I no longer have nightmares on the nights that I use it.

Magnesium Oil
Vicki K.

I’m not sure how it works, but it works…. at least for me. It gave me temporary relief from my nighttime leg aches that would keep me from sleeping. I’m thankful!

Truly works!

Smells fantastic- flakes are small and dissolve easily. Excellent customer service- received order w/in 2 days.

Magnesium Bath Flakes

Healthy gut

TerraFlora, it seems combined with Immunoflora has created a continuous healthyGI system for me.I have tried different probiotics for years. Some expensive ones too. None of them have worked as well as this combination.



Magnesium Lotion
monica w.

For now, I am happy and staying with Ancient Minerals magnesium lotion. It’s worth the price to at least try a bottle and see if it helps. Meanwhile, it helps me sleep!

Feels really nice

The magnesium flakes in hot water, soaking 20 minutes feels relaxing and helps with muscle cramps after a long day on my feet. I fall asleep fast after soaking. Perfection

Magnesium Oil
Cheryl T.
Magnesium Oil

This oil is a true blessing and value. Great for our health and homeopathic medicine. Thank you for this product!

Use it with some frequency

It is as high quality as I have found on the market. Only one other company compares.

Amazing! Full nutrition without having to eat it. lol

Magnesium Bath Flakes

Love it. So relaxing, calming.

Nascent Iodine
Jason T.
Nascent Iodine

I feel like I concentrate mentally better and more relaxed!

Magnesium Lotion

I love this lotion! It was recommended by my practitioner & I'm so glad!

Great product

I love that gelatin capsules are used, rather than vegetarian which are usually made from corn. Awesome company!

Lorraine S.
Best miraculous gut elixir on this planet!

I have suffered severe gut issues for a very long time things got so worst for me that I was scared to eat anything. It happened randomly. I'd get bloated one day, can't stop farting the next, then I'd have diarrhoea and then constipated. Life was a nightmare. I went to see Naturopath after Naturopath in Australia no-one could figure what was wrong. They'd give me bottles and bottles of herbal supplements, gut formulas and suggestions for a new diet. Cutting this and that out. By the time they were finally she'd with my there was nothing left I could eat. I was miserable as I love food.

Since I started taking Immunoflora 6 months ago it seems to calm my gut down. I'm able to eat the favourite foods Id otherwise never been able to eat again this life time.

I'm very thankful for Immunoflora it's been healing, strengthening and my gut feels like a brand new gut. I feel like I got my life back as it's nice not to be bloated, constipated one day and diarrhoea the next all because I eat my favourite foods. I'd give a gazillion stars if this review allowed me to. That's how good the product is.


I love this, I rub it on my arm before Bed and sleep well!

Jennifer Edgar Retail Manager

nothing else like it

Brian B.

I took one Immunflora and one Terraflora every day throughout the Winter and never experienced any flu like symptoms this year.
At 70; this has never happened before in my life.
These products have been life changing for me and I challenge anyone to use all of the Enviromedica products for at least 6 months; allowing your system to adjust to reconnecting to real earth food.

Love them

Could feel them all working right away especially the terraflora. The nutrients they provided you with is unmatched. I would recommend buying them, as I will again.

Magnesium Oil
ogulkan t.

Very good product