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Nascent Iodine
Veronica V.
Nascent Iodine

This product is excellent. I take it everyday and it gives the amount of iodine I need.

Immune support Terraflora

Works super good

We are pleased

I purchased this for my 90 year old mother with Parkinsons. The Magnesium is helpful to her condition, and I felt the added MSM would just be a bonus. The lotion is very nice and soaks in well without any powdery residue (like we had with another brand we tried).

Caregiver gives it high praise

The caregiver who applies this to my mother's skin says it is very, very nice. I saw my mother recently and her skin looked beautiful.

Nascent Iodine
Richard F.

My son introduced me to this product. It is excellent.

Magnesium Oil
Kevin M.
Sleeping Better Than Ever

I purchased this magnesium product after reading a blog by Ancestral Supplements. I just spray it all over my body and rub it in right before bed (make sure you really rub it in or it gets salty when it dries). I get a wonderful tingly feeling and in 15 minutes I’m relaxed and feeling ready for sleep. I first hand understand that I’m definitely deficient in this mineral and I feel great using the product. I combine this with a magnesium citrate oral supplement as well. Well worth the effort here, you won’t be disappointed.

Miracle! I have excellent results and it goes on smoothly!

Pastured Beef Liver
Victoria M.
Best Way to have Beef Liver

Beef Liver is one of the best sources of Retinol-A, a form of vitamin A very important for skin, collagen, and other things. I almost never find beef liver on my supermarket butcher's counter. But taking this important nutrient via Enviromedica's convenient capsules, which are made from New Zealand grass-fed beef is by far the best way to get your beef liver. The capsules can be chewed. They taste great!

I love this stuff.

I've noticed when I forget to take it, I hurt a lot more than when I remember. There is a moral here . . .

Builds jing.

Love magnesium in general because it builds life force. The oil is amazing as well. I've been using ancient minerals products since 2012.

Fabulous and relaxing!

It's an excellent product to massage with and get magnesium intake daily.

Pastured Beef Liver
Jeannimarie A.
Noticed a difference right away

I will be ordering again. I had minimal expectations but was desperate for something to give me energy.
I was surprised how well this works. I can work all day and not come home and crash on the couch for the rest of the evening. I wouldn't say that it gives me crazy energy but definitely more stamina.


This is truly a favorite probiotic. This was recommended to me from my doctor and I love that they aren't required to be refrigerated. She says that the time involved in shipping and transport destroys the benefits of the refrigerated ones anyway.

Fantastic stuff, great company

We use this lotion nightly for sleep, it is wonderful. I can't take oral magnesium of any kind, it upsets my stomach, this works great. I recently had an order from this company that was damaged, they replaced it the next day, great service. I highly recommend this product and this company.

Great product.

Can use sparingly. Great after a long workout day to help settle legs and calming for sleep without leaving you groggy the next day.


Used for muscle relaxation in forearms and hands. Love that it is unscented.

Great product

This magnesium gel really works great. Will buy again and recommend to anyone looking for relief.

Works the way it is supposed to

it works very fast. It is a good value for money I highly recommend.

Magnesium Oil
Kevin F.
Best Magnesium Oil

I've been using this for the last 5 years, and it's the best oil I've found. I tried other magnesium sprays, and they didn't work nearly as well as this one. I spray on my feet before bed, and I sleep so well plus my magnesium levels are good.

Magnesium Lotion
Judith M.

Works very well.

Amazing Results!

For several years I have been getting shots in my knees. The last time I passed out and did not actually get any relief. After doing research I found Cartilage Collagen! What a wonderful blessing this has been for me. I began noticing a difference within two weeks. It has now been two months and I hardly feel any pain in my knees! I was having pain from bone on bone and both my knees, dreading surgery! With this product I feel like my prayers have been answered because I do enjoy gardening and didn't want to have surgery, because once you do, no kneeling! The last three days I have spent gardening and was extremely pleased that I could still get on my knees! What can I say, I am beyond excited and grateful! I now have this product on automatic delivery!


A warm bath with these magnesium flakes helps me wind down and has helped me sleep through the night! Cannot recommend enough.


Really enjoy my hit bath with these minerals! No tub ring and no scent. Just a relaxing hot bath removing toxins and saying goodbye to sore muscles

This stuff really works!

Splitting a bottle with my husband, and following prescribed dosage (4 capsules a day), the cracking in the knees and feet are gone after 1 week for both of us! Although it is expensive, but it really works.

Best bath flakes on the market

I feel amazing after taking a bath with these bath flakes! My body feels rejuvenated after each use! Game changer for me :)