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Good Stuff

I think it helps. I notice a difference when I don’t take it.

The Best

Soothing, non greasy lotion doesn’t sting and gives me the benefits of magnesium in a gentle, topical way. I use it every day.

It seems to be working great for my restless let, which is why I tried it!

Magnesium ultra MSM

I have been using Magnesium oil for sore muscles and leg cramps for years, it works great. This time I ordered the ultra with MSM and it works even better.

Good stuff!

Probably the best bath salt Ive ever used! It’s strong and I love it!

Good product

it's my daily go to. I take capsule of it and another probiotic that has additional strains but is lacking SBOs.

Mag bath

Very relaxing and because I have some skin issues it helps with that. Blessings

Deep Immune- the BEST

This is the best product I’ve used for gut health and immune system! I won’t use anything else!

Magnesium bath flakes—divine!

Love these magnesium bath flakes so much I’m going to order the size up! Use them daily.

William M.
Unbeatable Magnesium Product!

Great way to insure you're getting enough magnesium. Fast and easy. Sometimes you will feel a calming effect. Very nice.

Surprisingly disappointed

I used the standard Magnesium lotion and loved it. After deciding to order more, I mistakenly ordered the Ultra and to my surprise, it was less effective than the standard. To be sure I wasn't confused I placed a second order for the standard and sure enough, the standard is more effective and last longer when used for relief. I have no plans to purchase this agin.

This is a miracle?

I am pregnant with my second baby, who is going to be born only 18 months after my first. Pregnancy is always taxing, but having pregnancies close together is so hard on the body! These foot soaks have helped me so much: I’ve had a more level mood, less irritability, better sleep, better energy, no more muscle cramping or heart palpitations, and most amazingly of all, doing the foot soaks has seriously helped my pregnancy-induced sciatic soreness more than anything else. I loveeeee doing these foot soaks with magnesium flakes nightly, and will continue to do them as often as I can through my pregnancy and postpartum. Life changing!!

Best multivitamin

So many great benefits and quality ingredients!

John D.
This stuff helps

I've been using this regularly on my lower back in the morning and It definitely helps. I get relief and am able to gets moving for the rest of the day.

Pastured cartilage collagen

I can take the capsules on an empty stomach and it’s no problem. I am in my mid 50’s and I am looking to replenish my collagen levels and also strengthen my joints and cartilage. I was in an accident recently where I broke my pelvis. These capsules have definitely sped up the healing process.

Susan G.
Magnesium oil

The magnesium oil has helped so much with body soreness I plan to continue using to help maintain my body’s need for this nutrient

Pastured Beef Liver

Great Quality, Great Products.

Excellent vitamins

I started taking these because my iron was very low during pregnancy. Within 3 days I felt so much better. I initially only took 2 capsules a day, but upped my intake to 4 per day the next week. A few days after that, I began taking the recommended 6 capsules per day. I have already felt so much better, my energy has increased and my mood is much better as well. They are awesome high quality vitamins. I will recommend them to everyone I know.

Very good

Magnetic Clay Bath

This product was recommended to me by an alternative health professional. I've just started using it a a foot bath. So far, so good!

So happy I found this!

All of the benefits of eating organ meats in a pill form. Zero smell, zero taste!!

Magnesium lotion

Excellent..removes cramps instantly


Magnesium Bath Flakes

I think they are worth it 10x over. Using as part of a detox routine for my small son and the pure source of these made this purchase a no brainer. You can tell it’s a pure naturally occurring product.

Reliable and Pure

I've used magnesium in my bath water for years since I believe that transdermal is the best way to get magnesium, avoiding bowel issues. I use only Ancient Minerals brand bath flakes because it's the cleanest, most pure product I have found. It's expensive but worth it for the purity.