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Quality probiotic

Have been looking for a trusted, quality probiotic and think I have found it. Feeling better gut health. Great customer service too.

Game changing!

I've tried many different probiotics with no real results. After taking terraflora once I noticed a big difference. These really do work!

Super Superfood

Pastured beef liver is one of the most dense sources of nutrition on the planet and is
loaded with highly bio-available nutrients.

Magnesium Oil
Nareda W.H.D.
Mg oil

Really appreciate this product

Wow - Effective

My wife has near constant calf cramps after certain activities. We've tried stretching, topicals, massage, and supplements all of which have helped but have not resolved the cramping. The Magnesium Bath Flakes ended her cramping in one bath. It seems to help my muscle soreness too.

Magnesium Lotion for my overall health

This lotion absorbs well into my skin without leaving any oily, greasy feel. I feel it supports my electrolyte balance and bone health.

Always use it!

This lotion is the only way my intestines will accept and absorb Magnesium so I use it every night rubbed into my lower legs. If I don’t I get cramps!

Mag Ultra Lotion with MSM

This is absolutely one of my favorite products! I have used it for many years and rub down my legs and feet every night before bed. I also use it on my face being careful not to get in the eyes. It softens the skin and helps with dry skin. I feel it helps me relax and get a better nights rest. I am very appreciative of the discounts Enviromedica gives me.


Faithful to this Iodine for many years!

Digestion improved

My husband and I started taking these in hopes of improving digestion and health. We started slow as directed and experienced no discomfort or side effects. Already, after about a month or so of taking we’ve noticed better overall digestion (less bloating, no stomach aches, etc…). We are going to continue use and only expect to see more improved health over time I’m sure.

Magnesium Oil
Lola K.

Magnesium Oil

Magnesium Lotion
Kathryn D.
The good stuff

Love this lotion for recovery after an on your feet all day job. Also helps with night time leg cramps.

Awesome for taking baths.

Ancient Minerals magnesium lotion

Love this product! Have been using it for years to help calm my overactive nerves and tired legs, ease muscles, etc. It actually then helps me sleep because my legs are calmer.

This product works great !!

Love this product

Love adding this to baths for soothing tension and my eczema.

Great Supplement!

Looking forward to a healthier me.

I just feel better~

I don't understand all the ingredients, but know SPORES are the big players for the system's improvement in the Large Intestine. I love that I can get Pre & Post biotics in the same capsule and all at a reasonable price. Thanks enviromedica =)

Magnesium Lotion
Natalie R.
Relieving Magnesium Lotion

My sister is waiting for shoulder surgery. I got the magnesium lotion for her & it works so well to make her more comfortable that she is able to sleep. She was & is still using the oil. The lotion is much easier.

Magnesium Lotion
Annette S.
I really love this lotion!

I have been using this lotion for many years and love how it makes my knees feel!

Terraflora Advanced Care

Love it...….been using it for almost a half century...……!!!!!


Best Probiotic

Love this probiotic and take it every day! They seem to help keep me regular but not urgently and no GI issues that I've had. Thank you for a superb product!

I am able to sleep through the night again!

I would give it 10 stars if I could. I was having trouble staying asleep and getting a deep sleep. I started out just with a small amount on my feet but now I put it on my stomach, lower back, feet and legs. I heard about this lotion from Jessica Ash's wellness program to help with my minerals not knowing how much it would help me sleep. My husband is in chronic pain and it is helping him sleep better and feel rested also!

Reset the day

After a long day, a good soak with these leaves me feeling refreshed. I am grateful there is a company out there that offers such a wonderful wellness product.