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Helps prevent leg cramps

Use before workouts, loosens muscles and prevents cramps

This bath salt is an effective sleep aid. I experience disrupted sleep without it.

Nice to have more lotion available. It helps With sleep!

Best item for a relaxing bath

Magnesium Oil
Tonya L.
Mag Comfort

It helps my pain and helps me sleep deeper.

Magnesium Oil
ogulkan t.


Easy way to take magnesium traveling

Loving these products. The lotion travels well.

Would not recommend. Made my kids have nightmares And super restless through the night. Wanted to love, but didn’t work for our family.

Great product! I am very happy with it, and it helps me to stay regular.

Magnesium Oil
Patricia R.
Magnesiom oil.

It is helping my pain. I have had a knee replacement and it is lessening the pain. Also the other knee is bad and it is helping that also. It took about 2 weeks to notice the difference

Magnesium Oil
Jean-Maxime S.
Magnésium oil

Béry good product

Repeat and lifelong customer

Thank you for healing my body from others ill needs. We each deal with trauma daily, our perspectives and traumas are different, and your products have become my lifelong resource for restoration of my known healthy self.

Magnesium Oil
Joanne V.
Evolutionary !

It has been many years since I first came across this product that was the answer to my problem of increasing my magnesium without having the distress that always occurred when I took it by mouth. A factor that attracted me initially was also the source of this magnesium; it is truly ancient and respectful of the evolutionary process that made it. I am very grateful!

Great product

Great price for how much you get. I use this 30 minutes before bed to help my body relax and get a goodnight sleep.

Magnesium bath flakes

For muscle tension, these magnesium flakes have provided me instant relief (along with the hot water that dissolves them ;) as well as relief/relaxation even the next day. Great for use at least 1-3 times per week.

Magnesium Oil
Joan S.
Love this Spray!

Convient spray to minerlize your body.
I even use if i wake up & cant get back to sleep as it relaxes you!

Magnesium Life Saver

Thank you. The gel is a consistency that’s more lotion like. I’m a fan, and a long time fan of the topical spray and bath flakes. Your magnesium should be known as one of the greatest healing modalities for total health.

Didn't Work for Me

I am probably an outlier, but I felt no relief from the muscular soreness for which the Magnesium Lotion was recommended.


didn't do anything

Magnesium Lotion

Applies so smoothly & effective for relaxing muscles. Love it!

Terraflora Advanced

I have been taking it for a few weeks and I can’t tell any difference. I kinda expected to see or feel a difference. But nothing changed. It’s a bit expensive to not see any noticeable changes.. I probably will not purchase it again.

Great results

Wonderful product!

I have already ordered a second bag of this! I absolutely love the magnesium bath flakes. I go to bed feeling so relaxed I definitely noticed a difference in how my body feels after taking a bath! I love it so much I keep ordering more and I’ve ordered some for My friends as well!

Magnesium oil sensitive

Excellent product! Very easy to apply, it doesn't leave any residue, is easily absorbed and very effective. Highly recommended!

Great bundle

The entire family including our dog uses the organs and bone & marrow for their health benefits. This bundle was a great way to try the probiotics. I trust the quality of the Enviromedica’s products.