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Magnesium Oil Ultra

Very smooth

Love the Magnesium lotion it very smooth and not greasy at all, works on my dry hands and very soothing. Will purchase again for sure!

Magnesium oil ultra

Love it for my knee discomfort and for sleeping ❤️

Helped with knee discomfort

Husband was complaining about some minor knee discomfort so bought this to try. This helped to eliminate the discomfort. Must be good for many because it’s out of stock. Waiting for the restock to repurchase :)

Magnesium Oil
Glenda B.
Great Product

I’ve used magnesium oil for years it has benefited me well

Terraflora advanced care

I use all the terraflora products, and have for years. Advanced care is useful in eliminating the bad bacteria in the GI tract.. it was created to destroy them for us who require this. I definitely need this feature, and use one advanced care in the evening and one immune response in the morning. The combo works well for me, and I have had digestive issues previously for years

Magnesium Lotion
Claudia B.
Works like a charm!

I take ballet lessons. I use this for my calf muscles and my knee after class. It works great.

Loose Powder PLEASEEEE?!!

I believe in the concept of eastern medicines that teach that part of the healing effects of food are in the taste. So of course, I empty these capsules in my food and I LOVE it!!! It tastes amazing with sautéed kale or as a topper on my meats! I wish there was a portion for the loose powder for this and the collagen and organ ones as well! I have noticed an improvement in my body by eating these daily. I buy marrow bones but cannot afford or manage having them every day as I can with this!! It is wonderful! Thank you!!

This is a very good product!

These days its refreshing to get what you pay for the Magnesium Oil is just that, help with cramps and maintain good health!

Just awsome!

This work’s noticeable improvement on my 32 year old joints during long weeks of construction work. It wouldn’t be wise to go without now that its support comes with a tangible reminder when I forget. i.e the first whole body application before going to bed left me waking up out of a refreshing detox response (a quite night sweat 😅).

Mag flakes for oil rub

I make my own oil rub and the 8 lb. bags are decently priced for that. I find it hard to spend that much money for use in a tub soaking but a good old soaking feels great, I can't deny.
(I find it hard due to that medically I need high dosing of electrolytes and for me to use 4 cups every night is wasteful so I stick with the concentrated mag oil rub). I have been using the oil rub method for 4 yrs now.
I also have a bum shoulder that the mag rub is working great on and my other aches and cramps. I do take an oral supplement but that amount is quite limited due to adverse effects.
I have noticed that the mag does leave my skin soft but it can be itchy even after bathing. I suppose this would have something to do with using a lot of it nightly. I did notice though it's itchier applying it on dry than when I'm damp or in the tub. I've even done the foot soaks but I'm better off with all over application or a strong soaking in tub with water only over my thighs.
This is great stuff, I recommend it to anyone, even children for bath time. I've even applied it to my husband's shoulder from time to time and he says it does work.

Great product

Being using for years and believe this are the best magnesium salts and products


Superior to other products of its kind.

Really liking it!

The sensitive magnesium oil has been working really well for me, no skin sensitivity!

Love it!!

Flakes melt super easily in hot water, and it feels amazing!

My Favorite

This stuff really works ... I love how quickly it absorbs into your skin . When my husband was in the hospital I was putting this on him every hour I really think it made a difference in his recovery

Magnesium sleep

Excellent for leg cramps and for a good night sleep. Helps muscle soreness and workout recovery!

LOVE at first use!

I absolutely love this lotion! It's quickly absorbed and leaves no residue of any kind on the skin. I rub it on my legs, arms, and belly before bed and I sleep like a baby.

Excellent. Very effective.

I thought they were effective, easy to take and I will definitely be ordering more.


I'm so thankful to have found this lotion. It makes increasing my magnesium levels easy.

Magnesium Oil
Silvia G.
Magnesium Oil

We really like it, but had to start slowly as it tended to burn a little in the beginning. I was not aware that most of us have a magnesium deficiency and getting magnesium back into our body through the trans-dermal route is really great.

Thank you for taking the time to provide your review, we truly appreciate your feedback!

In regards to the burning sensation, we do want to let you know that original oil that you purchased is our most potent product, and it is somewhat common for our users to experience a tingling/itching/burning sensation when first beginning to use it. For most people, this sensation will subside in 3 to 4 weeks if the product is applied on a regular/daily basis, and as the magnesium levels in your body begin to rise.

Those with sensitive skin may be especially responsive to the high concentration of our magnesium chloride spray. You may want to try rubbing coconut oil or lotion into the area after application to help to counter that tingling/burning sensation. Additionally, our magnesium oil is water soluble and can be diluted prior to application, which should help with the itching/burning you are experiencing.

We hope this information is helpful and please feel free to contact our Customer Care Team at 800.257.3315 if there are any further questions or concerns!

Nascent Iodine
Michael R.
3 drops a day

Three drops a day helps me keep my thyroid in check.

Ancient healing! I am a doctor!

Luv these salts for my bath.. especially after golf!

Pastured Beef Liver
Priscila C.

These work very amazing I love them!

Magnesium Oil
William H.
Super Mag

This magnesium spray is the most effective form of magnesium. It bypasses the digestive system and is absorbed directly into the tissues of the body.