Rewild your gut, restore your health

Wild gut, vibrant health

A healthy gut is a “wild” gut—one with a diverse population of beneficial microbes. The microbes that make up your gut microbiome influence everything from digestion and immune function to your mood and skin. Without them, it’s impossible to truly thrive.

The invisible microbiome crisis

Microbes are rapidly disappearing from our bodies, and the consequences could be devastating. Factors like overuse of antibiotics, sanitization, and modern farming practices that damage natural ecosystems, and diets high in ultra-processed, refined foods are destroying microbial diversity in our collective microbiome.

Restoring your inner ecosystem

The good news? Your microbiome is constantly changing and evolving in response to your internal and external environment, and making some relatively small adjustments to your diet and lifestyle can help rewild your gut and dramatically improve your health in the process.

Rewilding is key to a healthy gut

But what does that mean, exactly? It starts with taking steps to support diversity and balance in your microbiome. And it can be as simple as interacting with nature in ways that bring us closer to the connection our ancestors had with the earth.

Diversify your diet

Looking to our hunter-gather ancestors for inspiration, eat a varied diet that includes fruits, vegetables, fermented foods and whole animal foods to help support diversity in your gut bacteria.

Connect to nature

Immersion in nature blankets us with a beneficial microbial ecosystem. Walking barefoot in the grass, swimming in natural bodies of water—even spending time with pets—can help diversify your microbiome.

Feed your microbiome with prebiotics

Include good sources of prebiotics (compounds that act like “food” for beneficial bacteria) in your diet. Examples include seaweeds, mushrooms, raw honey, wild bee pollen, and humic acid.

Incorporate soil-based probiotics

A natural seed-like structure encases the spore-based strains, protecting against degradation by heat and stomach acid, arriving at the lower GI tract intact and alive.

Meet Terraflora

Terraflora® is a next-generation soil-based synbiotic (probiotic + prebiotic) formula designed to help rewild your gut by reintroducing beneficial microbes that are missing from the modern diet into your body. With a carefully selected array of proven soil-based Bacillus probiotic species, along with organic, wild-harvested prebiotics, Terraflora mimics the complexity of the natural microbiota found in ancestral diets to help your microbiome flourish.

(R)evolutionary microbes

Soil-based organisms (SBOs) are found in amazing diversity and abundance in the earth where they function in the soil ecosystem in ways that are similar to how they function in your gut microbiome. 

Unlike common probiotic strains, SBOs are inherently resilient and don’t require refrigeration. When you ingest SBOs, they travel to your lower intestine where they come alive. Like a seed, the combination of warmth, moisture and nutrients stimulates the germination stage where the SBO emerges from dormancy to support favorable gut terrain for microbial diversity.