Healthy Reading: Pottenger's Prophecy by Gray Graham


Poor nutritional choices have a direct impact on our immune health. The theory of epigenetics suggests that the foods we consume, as well as how we prepare and store these foods, can alter our genetics and the genetics of our offspring. Therefore poor immune health in the parent can actually be passed on to the genetics of the child. This impact can last for several generations!

Pottenger’s Prophecy: How Food Resets Genes for Wellness or Illness reveals how we can alter our genes through consuming, storing, and preparing quality foods unlike that of a standard industrialized diet.

Francis Pottenger was a prominent physician in California who treated patients for tuberculosis. In his treatment of respiratory diseases such as TB, asthma, allergies and emphysema, he emphasized proper diet based on the principles discovered by Weston Price. In the 1930’s, Pottenger studied several generations of cats in a study that has become known as “The Milk Study.”

He found that cats fed raw meat and dairy had the strongest immune health and experienced the least health problems. On the other hand, cats fed cooked meats, pasteurized dairy and sweetened condensed milk incurred a plethora of health conditions, including allergies and pneumonia. This effect lasted for three generations of cats.

The physical degeneration caused by a poor diet in the mother is inherited in the offspring and passed on through the third generation. When a mother’s diet is nutritious, not only does she benefit with good health, so, too do her offspring… and their offspring… and so on.” – Gray Graham, NTP, Author of Pottenger’s Prophecy

Pottenger’s Prophecy is an in-depth exploration of how dramatically humans are impacted by our food and the environment. It contains fascinating research on nutrition and lifestyle pertaining to our genetics.

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