Healthy Reading: The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne


Are you struggling with an Autoimmune Condition such as, autoimmune thyroid (hashimotos), celiac, crohns disease, or psoriasis to name a few? Do you struggle with digestive issues? This book is a MUST READ! Sarah Ballantyne, PhD of The Paleo Mom created a thorough, well written and easy to understand guide addressing all aspects of autoimmune disease.

In this book, Sarah discusses everything you need to address when struggling with autoimmune disease. Following a very specific Autoimmune nutritional protocol is a key piece in reversing autoimmunity. Sarah lays out an easy to understand yet quite thorough protocol that addresses more than just these dietary changes. She addresses the causes of autoimmunity such as nutritional deficiencies, infections, and leaky gut. She dispels myths regarding trendy diets like juicing and smoothies, but also details some of the benefits so the reader can make an informed decision.

This book is not just a nutritional protocol.

Many aspects of autoimmune disease that are often overlooked are covered in this book! The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Body is an all-encompassing lifestyle protocol. Sarah discusses the impact of stress, coping mechanisms for stress, getting enough sleep, circadian rhythm, and exercise. There is so much more to autoimmune disease than just diet, and Sarah leaves no stone unturned.

One of my favorite aspects of The Paleo Approach is that Sarah answers every question you can think of regarding her approach. How do I eat in restaurants? What can I eat for breakfast? How long do I need to follow this protocol to experience changes? Can kids follow this approach? She answers all of this and much more in great detail.

As an NTP I utilize this protocol with my autoimmune clients. I will continue to recommend this book as an amazing resource and tool to facilitate the healing process.

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