Magnesium Gel Ultra + MSM Magnesium Gel Ultra + MSM

Magnesium Gel Ultra + MSM

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Experience the relaxation benefits of massage and magnesium in one! This unique, hydrating gel combines magnesium chloride derived from a pristine underground source with elemental sulfur from OptiMSM® and moisturizing organic aloe vera. The gel stays hydrated when applied and is designed not to be fully absorbed, making it perfect for massage applications.

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Soothes soreness with OptiMSM®

OptiMSM® provides elemental sulfur, a critical component of connective tissue that helps make cells more permeable, making it easier for nutrients and water to enter and toxins and wastes to leave. It also encourages production of glutathione, the body’s “master antioxidant” involved in cellular detoxification. MSM supports joint mobility, muscle recovery, youthful skin, and immune health. The addition of OptiMSM® makes this bath ideal for athletes and those looking to restore the body with a post-workout reset.

Restores magnesium levels while hydrating skin

Magnesium is an essential mineral involved in over 300 biochemical processes. It supports heart health, builds strong bones, promotes nervous system and muscle health, and is essential to energy production. Every cell in your body needs magnesium to thrive, yet many of us are deficient. Formulated for use in therapeutic massage, Ancient Minerals® Magnesium Gel Ultra replenishes depleted magnesium at the cellular level while soothing and hydrating the skin with organic aloe vera.

Supports stress relief & relaxation

Topical magnesium provides a powerful way to ease stress and tension. Often called the “relaxation mineral,” magnesium calms nerves and muscles, supports healthy brain function and improves mood by regulating neurotransmitters that send messages throughout your brain and nervous system.

Eases achy muscles

Magnesium offers fast, powerful relief from everyday muscle aches and discomfort. It supports the healthy function of muscles, helping them relax and contract properly. MSM provides additional inflammation-soothing support for sore muscles. Ideal for use in sports massage and other therapies, Ancient Minerals® Magnesium Gel Ultra can help ease post-exercise muscle soreness and general muscle tightness.

Promotes restful sleep

In addition to supporting stress relief, magnesium can help you get a good night’s sleep by helping to relax the body as your body prepares for rest. Especially when applied in the evening before bed, the “relaxation mineral” can help you fall asleep and sleep soundly through the night.


Genuine Zechstein Magnesium Chloride

Unadulterated pure magnesium chloride drawn from the ancient Zechstein Seabed, approximately 2 miles beneath the surface of the earth.

Methylsulfonylmethane (from OptiMSM®)

A superior source of organic sulfur, MSM enhances magnesium absorption and works via multiple mechanisms to decrease inflammation and support cellular detoxification. OptiMSM® is the world’s purest, safest, most consistent MSM.

Organic Aloe

Widely considered an ancient gift from nature, aloe is a succulent plant that contains skin-hydrating polysaccharides. The gel its leaves contain is known for its powerful cooling, soothing and antibacterial effects.

Ingredients List

Water, Genuine Zechstein® magnesium chloride, hydroxypropyl starch phosphate, certified organic aloe barbadensis leaf juice.

65mg elemental magnesium per 1ml
25mg elemental sulfur (from OptiMSM®) per 1ml

How To Use

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Gel is a viscous formulation designed to remain hydrated on the skin.

Apply desired amount and massage thoroughly onto clean skin. If the magnesium gel begins to dry during extended use, wet your hands slightly and continue massaging skin to rehydrate.

Gel will not fully absorb. After use, rinse or wipe off with a damp towel.

It is normal to experience a tingling sensation during initial use.

Why topical magnesium?

Since ancient times, people have bathed in mineral-rich hot springs to reap the many health benefits that come from taking in minerals like magnesium and sulfur through the skin, a practice known as balneotherapy. Today, people all over the world continue to seek out hot springs for healing and rejuvenation. 

The Ancient Minerals® Ultra line combines topical magnesium with MSM, the world’s premium source of organic sulfur, providing a convenient and effective way to replicate the ancient art of balneotherapy. 

Topical magnesium allows you to maximize your daily magnesium intake without additional pills or the laxative effect often caused by oral supplements. Sulfur enhances the uptake of magnesium ions, soothes tension and promotes cellular detoxification. 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

It works well. It’s a bit sticky so put it on 15-20 minutes before taking a shower. It’s worth the “sticky”!

Suzanne D.
Magnesium Life Saver

Thank you. The gel is a consistency that’s more lotion like. I’m a fan, and a long time fan of the topical spray and bath flakes. Your magnesium should be known as one of the greatest healing modalities for total health.

Toni L.
My Wonder Gel

Love this get, helps and relieves all cramps in legs!


Where does Ancient Minerals magnesium chloride come from?

Ancient Minerals magnesium is harvested from the Zechstein seabed, isolated from the forces of modern pollution. Genuine Zechstein magnesium is globally the most coveted source of naturally occurring magnesium chloride in existence. The Genuine Zechstein emblem is a mark of purity on every Ancient Mienrals product, and is an assurance that you are receiving only the finest natural magnesium chloride in the world.

Is there a maximum daily limit for using Ancient Minerals topically?

No. The skin has a unique ability to self-regulate absorption, and therefore overuse is of little concern.

Are there any precautions for using Ancient Minerals magnesium products?

Avoid using Ancient Minerals magnesium gel, magnesium lotion or magnesium oil near mucus membranes such as the eyes and nose, which can cause some irritation.

In addition, though applying the magnesium oil and/or gel to broken skin or wounds can be highly therapeutic and cleansing, the high concentration of magnesium salts may cause discomfort. If you are using Ancient Minerals on broken skin or lesions (i.e. psoriasis, eczema, acne, etc.) it is strongly advised to begin with magnesium baths until the skin had a chance to start healing and become less sensitive to the higher concentration of magnesium chloride in the oil and gel.

Do I need to shower or rinse the magnesium off after using it?

You do not need to rinse off our magnesium lotion after use. Rinsing off magnesium oil after use is a matter of personal preference. In roughly twenty minutes your skin can take full advantage of topically applied magnesium, and it may be safely removed at that point. Keep in mind, also, that Ancient Minerals magnesium gel is designed to stay hydrated on the skin, so rinsing off after use is recommended.

Ancient Minerals Gel stings my skin. Is this normal?

Some users of magnesium oil and magnesium gel with sensitive skin may experience tingling and/or slight irritation at the site of application due to the high concentration of magnesium chloride. This is completely harmless and varies based on a number of factors, including how much is applied and where it is applied to the body.

Another option is to choose Ancient Minerals magnesium lotion or magnesium bath flakes, for use in foot soaks and/or full body soaks, which offer a gentler form of transdermal magnesium therapy, for those with extremely sensitive or broken skin.

Are Ancient Minerals products safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Our Ancient Minerals products are safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding. That being said, if it's your first time using our products, you may still want to consult with your practitioner prior to using them.

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